"Discover How to Liberate Your True Radiance To Live Fully Expressed, Empowered and Feel Enriched By Your Work"

There is a potent inner radiance calling you to create your life from a fresh and deeply meaningful context.  

Imagine knowing how to ignite your inner radiance, passion and capacity to do what your heart longs for...

Imagine having the confidence, the courage and the creative tools to earn the kind of money you so deserve...

And Imagine being supported and expertly guided by someone who fully lives their radiance, with a vast wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience in helping women create truly spectacular results...  

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"Powerful, Transformative Coaching is a way of unveiling the beauty, balance and brilliance of your being. Learning to listen to the whispers of guidance that come from your heart, that ultimately lead you back home to yourself"

Here are the core challenges I'm here to solve for You.

I see so many exceptionally creative, talented and deeply passionate women who are feeling disempowered, fearful of the future, lacking confidence and belief in themselves.

Some have simply lost their mojo and sense of direction.

Others have arrived at a point of transition where what once worked no longer has any real energy for them.

I'm speaking about women with such huge potential who feel that they just can't ignite that seemingly elusive spark of wonder in their life to do the things that their heart knows will bring them fully alive.

Almost every day I speak to women who long for transformation, for beauty, for the radiance that make us a vital force of nature: that same radiance that infuses powerful, connected relationships with our partners, our children and the work we do in the world.

I see these amazing women settle for a life that never truly sets them alight, that lacks adventure and has them earning less that they deserve, putting up with dysfunctional relationships and feeling powerless to resolve issues that are impacting on their health and ability to feel connected and enriched by life.

My name is Esther De Angelis and I'm an expert at empowering women like you make some pretty amazing changes to how they live their lives. I do this for a growing movement of Creative Women who are ready to redefine the way they do business, parent their children and live as a powerful co-creator in a loving relationship.

Having coached and guided on a high level for over twenty years, I've discovered that extraordinary things can be achieved way quicker and far more beautifully than you may imagine.

Having a vibrant, co-creative partnership with a fellow woman who really ‘gets you’ and your energy and passion for life can be utterly life changing. To know that you have someone with immense life experience, capacity for love and compassion, creativity and wisdom who is at your side. What better way to reshape your future and belief in yourself. My intention is to help guide you to discover your own answers, a mirror and sounding board when you know there is something seriously getting in the way of you living the best life you can.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Maya Angelou

"Powerful, Transformative Coaching is a way of saying YES to life in yet unimaginable ways, to open to the great mystery, to be right there with everything that's going on. It's about turning the base elements of your life, the problems, the frustrations, the regrets, the joys, the love, the hope into something beyond value: it's getting on with it in a way that feels magical"

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”

The coaching process is a tremendous catalyst for change because it enables you to get clear about what you really want for yourself in life and takes a good look at what you feel you "deserve". You already have the wisdom and knowledge to answer all of life's supposed problems, in fact you are probably excellent at giving guidance and empowering others but somehow you can't quite apply it to yourself. As a Holistic Coach I am here to be your exciting dance partner – showing you new moves and approaches, rediscovering what has always worked, witnessing and honouring your feminine sensitivity, vision and strength. At times a role model, a queen and priestess, at times a humble craftswoman weaving the complex strands of life to make something beautiful, I will be expanding your beliefs about what is possible.

Indri Tulusan - Corporate Creativity Trainer

Esther draws from a deep and uniquely colourful set of professional tools which are beautifully grounded in her own personal life experience.  Her commitment to personal development and creative expression is hugely apparent. What I particularly resonated with was her Chakragram System which precisely highlights which areas of your life need more attention, love, boundaries or conviction. She released energetic blocks and nurtured my connection to my divine feminine power!  She also set several actionable goals to catalyse me to immediately tackle what was revealed.  Thank you beautiful being for embracing the dark and the light sides of life in full colour!

Sasha M. Lang - Co-Founder and CEO at Pure Immersions Retreats

I had the pleasure of receiving an extraordinary radiance coaching and chakra healing from Esther at a time where I felt incredibly busy, draining my physical and emotional wellbeing.For this I am grateful. In our session together, I felt listened to, fully seen and in the most nurturing hands. Esther skillfully helped me to uncover my core inner imbalances and deep patterning,  which often created inner and outer disharmony for me on a daily basis.  Esther is one of the best active listeners. She asked focused questions, while integrating a creative and reflective approach to chakras through art, colour therapy and drawing. As we closed, Esther presented a beautiful chakra diagram to support me in seeing my system in its entirety, while presenting ways for me to open, engage and align my inner landscape within my real day to day circumstances.

What I loved most is that I walked away from the session with a customized wholeness guide to keep my inner being balanced and bright, with ways to heal my imbalance as opposed to the norm-- just determining where my blocks exist.  All around-- Esther is a gifted listener, with beautiful passion and intuition. The creative approach she brings to chakra awareness and living is truly unique and a precious gift to be on the receiving end. Thank you!

Discover what these amazing women have to say about receiving Radiance Coaching from Esther

Noga Weiss - Yoga Teacher, Noga Yoga

Esther shed a light on my inner conversation and made me realise my patterns of thinking and behaviour like no one else has done with me before. Even though I have been walking the path of yoga and meditation for the past 20 years there were still some blind spots which she helped me to reveal. Her sessions make me feel strong, capable and focused on my path in life as a mother, partner, friend and teacher. Her guidance helps me get better in being myself and I am ever so grateful - as the results are showing immediately.

Shantidevi Silvana - Entrepreneur and Designer

The coaching session with the beautiful Esther was mind-blowing - her presence, love, knowledge and patience. She is using an incredible method that she has created incorporating the Chakra System which deeply investigates the blocks or patterns that are hiding natural radiance. Her approach was just so effective in spotting exactly what was going wrong in my life and how to change it immediately. She served a wonderful tea and raw chocolate and then we finished by having lunch together a delicious, colourful salad with lots of herbs that she had made. The time I spent with her had so much quality and helped me understand things that were staring me in the face, but that I just couldn't see. I left with a lot of clarity; what I need to work on and what could be best for my future and wellbeing. She is just a beautiful, beautiful being who is extremely creative, knowledgeable and has a great depth of life experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Esther for your service and this life changing experience and I would love to celebrate my new me with you one day.

Renae S. Hermaia - Performer

My Radiance Coaching Session with Esther helped me dive into new territory and discover things I never realised before. I felt very safe because she held the space with such care and clarity and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get a more defined idea about where they are putting their energy, how to direct it more effectively and gain deeper insight into themselves.

Erika Pontalti - Yoga Teacher and Breath Facilitator

How lucky I am of having met Esther’s skills in a very complex period of my life! Her wisdom is amazing, her way of coaching is fun. She has developed a system to touch all areas of your life and to seek for connections between the different aspects: everything is connected though you need a broader vision, which she has, to see the interconnections and to understand patterns. What I was really amazed by was how simple and practical were her tips, so easy to apply and so effective. Esther alternates her joyous laughter and light spirit with the focus and presence needed to deeply understand what is going on. I highly recommend her support if you want to step forward in your life, towards clarity, effectiveness and joy!

Martha Lundmark - Artist and Entrepreneur

Feeling clear, excited, positively motivated and energised! I loved the simplicity, creativity and spontaneity of our session. Through esther’s compassion and knowledge I could easily flow into a deeper space where I could identify barriers between myself and my goals. Releasing the barriers and reconnecting to myself through insightful bridges I was able to direct and refine the energy and focus into life areas necessary for wholeness, so as to experience my ultimate truth.

Colleen Schnell - Leadership Trainer & Chief Executive of Outpost, Bali

I was dealing with a lot of stress around my life and how to make everything work. Ultimately a lot of the magic in my life went away and I was just going through things day to day, trying to keep on top of everything: and then I met Esther. Esther was able to sit with me in a quiet space and slowly calm me down and actually have me look at all these different aspects of my life - what was working and what wasn’t working. And then she had me having conversations, if we were going to work on on this part of your life, how would you want it to look? What are the actions that will bring in more play, beauty, love and passion? Just having those conversation was a different way of looking at life. Then actually taking the actions that she told me to take had me open up - had my heart feel more free - had me look at life with new eyes instead of just the dinginess of life. There was more of the magic, what could be possible if showed up, where was my attention, what was my intention. A life of just grudgery, just getting stuff done  turned into a life of more magic and more play and even getting real about what was going on, so I could get to work on creating a life that I loved. That’s what I got out of working with Esther, it was fabulous!

To learn more about working with Esther click the button below

To learn more about working with Esther click the button below